The Jaded Jedi

Journal and General Musings

The Jaded JediA mixed blog containing some public content and some more restricted private thoughts. I have used a blog from time to time as it allows me to let off steam, record my thoughts, reflections and frustrations. It also giving some trusted friends a means of keeping me on the right track.

Anyone is welcome to read the public content and if there is a share button enabled you’re welcome to share if it’s thought provoking, interesting or funny enough for you to want to.

I’m based in the South West of England but spend plenty of time in London.  As well as a number of good friends, I have two ‘people’ who are important to me. The first is an Australian lawyer living in London. He keeps me sane and grounded. The other is a Border Collie called Taz. (Anyone who has ever owned a Border Collie will tell you they count as people !)

The comments, thoughts, rants and observations in this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily represent those of anyone else I know or any organisation with which I am in any way associated.

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