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Day 20 in the corona house: Everything’s alright.


Day 20 in the Corona house

My post today is to say the least brief. It’s approaching the equivalent of the one liner you sometimes see in documents – ‘page left intentionally blank’.

I had thought of missing a day and picking up again tomorrow unnoticed. However, that would have thrown the numbering into what my late aunt would have caused a state of chaso. (sic)

I was also concerned that some might read more into a day off that just a day off. To reassure, everything’s alright. I just need a day to let what passes as the brain regroup and generally to recharge some batteries.

We’ve been busy on social media related activities today. Vaughan’s new Facebook page/group (yet to decide which) for Grub with V-Dub is under construction. I’ve also been working on our first film and musicals watch party. Both have involved a fair amount of screen work today so my blog today is – Everything’s alright. I hope you are all well, safe and not too stressed by the current madness. This too will pass.

Back tomorrow when I shall sally forth and it’ll be on with the motley. Until then …


The title of this post is taken from Jesus Christ Superstar. For those who enjoy listening to the associated track, it may be played here.

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